HTC launches AirFlow tool holders

The friction created between the surface and diamond tool when grinding concrete, stone and terrazzo floors leads to heat generation which affects quality and performance. If temperatures are too high, there is a risk of so-called glazing and a reduction in tool performance, resulting in loss of efficiency and higher costs.

The introduction of AirFlow technology, which was announced at World of Concrete 2015, is the latest step in HTC’s ongoing development process. The Airflow tool holders create an increased and controlled flow of air below the grinding cover, which results in significantly lower operating temperatures and improved dust removal efficiency.

AirFlow tool holder properties include a fan blade effect with a unique patent pending design. Cast aluminum is strong and quickly leads heat away from the tools. Increased air flow allows the air to cool and conveys the dust away more efficiently. Enhanced particle removal promotes a healthier and safer working environment and less dust removal after grinding.

The AirFlow tool holder is only compatible with HTC original tools. HTC’s 650 RX/HDX, 800 RX/HDX and 950 RX can all be upgraded with AirFlow. As of April 20, 2015, newly-produced machines with the same model names will also be fitted with AirFlow as original equipment.

AirFlow will first be launched on the North-American market. It will then be launched to the rest of the world on April 20, 2015.

HTC Sweden is a fast-growing company that was founded in 1987. In 1992 HTC Sweden launched a patent pending system used to grind various surfaces. Today HTC is the market leader within diamond-based floor grinding and cleaning. HTC has developed unique floor solutions such as polished concrete, e.g HTC Superfloor, and in 2005 another revolution was released the unique diamond cleaning system Twister.

The head office along with production and product development is located in Söderköping, Sweden. Subsidiaries operate in the United States, Germany, England and France. Since June 2013 HTC is owned by Polaris private equity, a Danish/Swedish private equity investor focusing on buy-out investments in small and mid-cap operations in Denmark and Sweden.

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