It’s just so EZ

The McTech Group Inc. has introduced
several EZ products for concrete
flooring. The EZform Board is a concrete
construction joint board made by
bonding an overlay of resin-impregnated
Kraft paper onto the surface of specially
engineered OSB board with advanced
resin technology. The overlay provides a
smoother finish than is possible with BB
Plyform or CDX sheathing. The board
resists twisting, warping and cupping
due to stronger fiber orientation and advanced
resin composition.
EZdowel provides optimal use of
steel, shape, and thickness to provide
a stronger dowel for concrete construction
joint forming. The unique design
of EZdowel provides 20 percent more
steel closer to the higher stress area in a
typical construction joint vs. other plate
dowels, and can also help promote easier
consolidation under the dowel. It has
a specially engineered colored covering
(top and bottom) allowing a bond break
between the steel load transfer plate
dowel and concrete. The dowel’s unique
edge banding allows lateral movement
when the slab contracts.
EZdowel, in conjunction with the
EZform board, is designed to help minimize
labor costs when forming a large
slab-on-grade where a superior concrete
joint forming system is a necessity. Due
to its simple installation method, the
EZdowel eliminates the need to install
external dowel holders or repair crushed
ones. To install the dowel, simply slide
it into the pre-cut dowel slot in the EZform
Also available from EZform Inc.
is the EZcover. This protective blanket
covering is a natural-colored cellulose
product designed to help protect colored
or gray slabs, or other flooring material
during the construction process. The
product is available in standard 8-foot
width rolls, weighing approximately 100
pounds each with each roll covering approximately
400 square feet on application.
The EZcover helps protect against
surface contamination, condensation,
abrasions and other harmful occurrences
that are possible on the job site. To
install, the protective blanket is simply
placed (or rolled out) to cover the desired
area, and can be moved from one
area to another easily. High friction coefficient
keeps the blanket in place. EZcover
is disposable, biodegradable and
landfill friendly.
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