Mapei introduces four densifiers

Mapei has added four new densifiers to its line of products.

Mapecrete Hard FS is a water-based magnesium fluorosilicate solution for horizontal interior concrete surfaces that chemically bonds with free lime in the concrete. This product works well on floors that are porous, readily absorptive and only moderately hard.

Mapecrete Hard LI is a water-based, VOC-free, lithium silicate solution used to densify, seal, and dustproof horizontal interior and exterior concrete surfaces. It penetrates the surface and chemically reacts with the free lime to produce a dense, hard matrix within the concrete and a more durable surface on top. This product works well on old, worn and dusting floors.

Mapecrete Hard SB is a blend of silicate and siliconate polymers specifically designed to penetrate new and existing interior concrete in order to densify, seal, dustproof and harden the surface. It is formulated to chemically react and create an internal bond that increases surface density, durability, and abrasion resistance.

Mapecrete Hard SI is a clear, water-based sodium silicate densifier used to harden and dustproof concrete surfaces. It chemically reacts with the lime and calcium carbonate in concrete, forming a dense, insoluble and chemically resistant surface. This product is VOC-free, colorless and odorless chemical solution that can be used on horizontal interior, fresh or hardened concrete.

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