Mapei introduces thinset topping and flow test kit

Mapei has introduced Ultratop, a self-leveling, abrasionresistant cementitious topping that can reach compressive strengths of 6,100 psi (42 Mpa). The material is supplied white or gray, and the white material can be integrally colored or topically stained. In addition, Mapei has introduced a Field Flow Test Kit to solve problems related to over- and under-watering of the company’s Ultraplan series, Novoplan series, and Mapei Ultratop. The applicator mixes the product, then applies a measured amount to a test sheet marked with boundaries. If the material flows outside the boundaries, there is too much water. If it doesn’t reach the minimum level, there is not enough water. Job conditions vary from job to job and we are confident that this simple test kit will make your job easier. The test sheet included provides a place to record information regarding the project. For more information, call the company at (800) 42-MAPEI or visit us on the web at For complete product information faxed to you 24 hours a day, call the MAPEI InfoFax System at 1-800-617-5481.

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