Ergo-Tamp Pneumatic Tamper by MBW

MBW has introduced a new and improved design for its Ergo-Tamp vibration-suppressed pneumatic tamper. The overall look of MBW’s Ergo-Tamp is much different than the previous model; the unit is taller, which will allow for more versatility. It is made mostly of aluminum which has reduced the weight of the device by 10.5 pounds. The reduced weight still allows the hand/arm vibration to have a reduction of as much as 70 percent.

MBW has tamed one of the industry’s most disliked and physically abusive compaction tools. Pneumatic Tampers (also known as “Pole Tampers,” “Pogo Sticks” and “Bouncing Betties”) produce hand/arm vibration levels that rank among the highest in the industry. Periodic exposure to excessive vibration is a contributing factor in the development of white finger, carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis and other chronic ailments.

The Ergo-Tamp reduces hand/arm vibration up to 70 percent, allowing for some variation as conditions of compaction change. The vibration absorption system easily handles the range of amplitudes typical of pneumatic tampers. Adiditionally, a constant flow of compressed air through its working mechanism keeps it cool.

The operating weight of the tamper is 37.5 pounds (17kg) with a length of 74 inches (188 cm). The foot diameter is 6 inches (15.2 cm). The device delivers up to 800 blows per minute.

About MBW Inc.

MBW of Slinger, WI, began operations over 50 years ago with its introduction of a lower maintenance vibratory plate compactor. Today the company’s product line encompasses a full line of soil compaction products, equipment for mixing, vibrating, screeding, finishing and slip forming of concrete. It also has a number of specialty products for construction applications. All MBW products have been both designed and manufactured with one mission in mind. That mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in product design while providing reliable and reasonable relationships with its customers.

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