ModaCrete Releases Countertop Sealer

Pamako Concrete Countertop SealerModacrete introduces their newest product, Pamako CCS. Pamako Concrete Countertop Sealer is a high-performance silane-based penetrating sealer designed specifically for concrete countertops. It is also designed with ease of application in mind and will produce consistent results.

Pamako CCS penetrates deep into the concrete surface and chemically bonds to both your cement and aggregates. It can be applied to polished, honed or out-of-the-mold concrete and is slightly enhancing.

The sealer is both UV-stable and extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic. It offers easy wipe-on and wipe-off, is spot-repairable, and also provides outstanding stain and etch resistance in a nonfilm-forming coating.

Pamako CCS requires very dense concrete to perform properly. For ultimate performance, high-performance admixtures are recommended, in conjunction with common practices of concrete densification also, if needed.

Features & Benefits
  • Maximum protection against most stains, in a non-film forming coating
  • Easy wipe on/wipe off application
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Leaves surfaces with a velvet like feel
  • UV stable (interior/exterior use)
Packaging and Coverage

Pamako comes in 1 quart (1 liter) bottles and also includes a syringe with the recommended dosage of activator. (Data based on application to ModaCrete high performance concrete with no densification.)

  • First Coat – Consumption rate of 4.8 g per sq ft (1 qt = 200 sq ft) or 51.7 g per m2 (1 l = 20 m2)
  • Second Coat – Consumption rate of 3.8 g per sq ft (1 qt = 250 sq ft) or 40.9 g per m2 (1 l = 25 m2)
  • Third Coat – Consumption rate of 2.4 g per sq ft (1 qt = 400 sq ft) or 25.8 g per m2 (1 l = 40 m2)


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