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ModaCrete releases Pamako CCS concrete countertop sealer

ModaCrete has introduced Pamako CCS (Concrete Countertop Sealer), a high-performance silane-based penetrating sealing system designed specifically for ease of application with consistent results.

Pamako CCS penetrates deep into the concrete surface and chemically bonds to your cement and aggregates. It can be applied to polished, honed or out of the mold concrete and is slightly enhancing.

The sealer is UV-stable and extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic. It offers easy wipe-on and wipe-off, is spot-repairable, and is designed to provide outstanding stain and etch resistance in a non-film forming coating

Pamako CCS requires very dense concrete to perform properly. For ultimate performance, high-performance admixtures are recommended, in conjunction with common practices of concrete densification, if needed.

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