Wearcoat 481HP Epoxy Topcoat Resists Yellowing

Wearcoat 481HPWearcoat 481HP is Coatings for Industry’s new high-performance topcoat for floors. The product resists yellowing over the long term, solving a problem that has long plagued conventional epoxy coatings.

This product is Ideal for settings subject to damaging sunlight. CFI formulated the new Wearcoat 481HP from inception to be both anti-yellowing and fade-resistant. This new epoxy is designed as an upgrade from CFI’s long-proven Wearcoat 440 for applications where floors are exposed to the sun or high intensity lighting.

While epoxies will eventually yellow, it will take twice the exposure for the 481HP to change noticeably. Developed as the go-to option for indoor/outdoor applications, the epoxy coating has been tested extensively and has demonstrated it performs well in areas exposed to UV rays. It also has improved wear resistance by 30 percent over conventional epoxy flooring.

“The 481HP has been in development for some time. We’re excited to make it available,” says Kevin Klotz, president of CFI. “Anti-fade, anti-yellow has been one of the holy grails in epoxies. Both accelerated exposure testing in our lab and field results leave us confident this will be a game changer.”

CFI offers several systems so contractors can meet a variety of customer needs. The new fade-resistant Wearcoat 481HP topcoat is especially effective in providing a seamless floor with good resistance to an array of hazards. This is true even for those encountered in aircraft hangars, or emergency and medical facilities. Additionally, this system is ideal for application at facilities that are in-servic. This is because it has zero VOCs and extremely low odor.

All of the decorative options including flakes, quartz and metallics available for Wearcoat 440 are also available for the new Wearcoat 481HP.

About Coatings for Industry

Coatings for Industry, Inc. (CFI) has been formulating coatings for industrial, commercial, and aerospace applications worldwide for nearly 50 years. Reflecting a commitment to both quality and innovation, the company maintains an R&D staff of chemists and metallurgists, and produces products under an ISO-9001 certified QMS. CFI’s family of coatings has trademarks under the names AlSeal, Siloxseal, and also WearCoat. For more information about CFI, visit www.cficoatings.com.

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