New Glow Worm phosphorescent powder for glow-in-the-dark casting

New Glow Worm phosphorescent powder by Smooth-On provides hours of glow-in-the-dark effects. Phosphorescent powders themselves are not new, but what makes Glow Worm powder special is how long the glow power lasts. Castings will glow for hours. Compared to other phosphorescent powders, castings made with Glow Worm will glow in the dark 10 times longer.

A Halloween-themed company tested Glow Worm against the glow-in-the-dark powder they had been using. After being "light charged" for an equal amount of time, the Brand X powder went dark after 10 minutes. Glow Worm powder went dark after two and a half hours.

Glow Worm powders are available in blue or green. Add powder to a Smooth-On plastic, rubber or foam system as directed and pour or brush into a mold. The casting can then be "charged" with light and put on display.

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