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New, Installer-Friendly Floor Coating Brochure From CFI

For 2017, Coatings for Industry is offering an exciting new resource for floor coating professionals: an installer-friendly brochure that highlights and compares attributes of its entire WearCOAT product line. This is the first time in its nearly five decade history providing high-quality coatings that CFI has compiled all of its WearCOAT products into a single brochure.

The 14-page, full-color piece highlights 19 primers, surfacers, mid-coats and topcoats, and includes an easy-to-read, fold-out chart matching the right products to just about any application. Need just the right coating for a hospital, automotive service center, or even a freezer? You’ll find it. The photo-rich brochure also exhibits a variety of completed floors in various environments.

Designed to be used as a key sales tool for floor coating professionals, products are shown as systems such as Sand Broadcast, Quartz Broadcast and Metallic Pigmented. Each System has multiple coating combinations designed to meet virtually every customer’s needs. The brochure also includes graphic representations of textures and available standard colors throughout the WearCOAT line.

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