Skudo Tack Mat Protects Clean Concrete on the Job

Skudo Tack Mat
The Skudo Tack Mat product line offers new concrete surfaces the same nonslip, durable protection against foot traffic, debris, UV rays and machinery as the Commercial Skudo Mat, with some key advantages.
Tack-Mat adheres to the surface to be protected, but its stick factor is gentle enough for it to be applied to sensitive substrates, including fresh concrete. Application to vertical surfaces is easy.

Tack-Mat offers a one-step, peel-and-stick application process and is reusable. It us available in 535-square-foot rolls.

Features and benefits of Skudo Tack Mat
  • Strong bond with the surface blocks any dirt and debris from ever coming into contact with the protected substrate
  • Impact protection from machinery through to foot traffic
  • Stain proof protection against spills from chemicals, solvents, paints, and oils
  • Provides a stationary, slip-resistant surface.
  • Protects against color changing UV rays (HT grade only)
  • Can be used in any temperature: -20°F to +200°F
  • Fire retardant in the coating (HT grade only)
  • Easy to adjust or inspect surface, simply peel up and then re-position as needed
  • Not suitable for exterior environments and/or areas that will be subject to high levels of wind and rain

The Skudo Tack Mat line is stainproof against common construction site spills and stains, including both chemicals and solvents. Tack-Mat also comes in Heavy and Medium Traffic grades offering stronger protection against impact, machinery, UV and spills.

About Skudo USA

Originally developed in Australia to fill a need for high-quality temporary protection systems, shielding damage sensitive installed surfaces during ongoing construction, Skudo USA President Brendon Smith first brought the Skudo technology to the United States in 2010. Skudo USA currently provides innovative, purpose-built surface protection systems that offer superior performance compared to more common or traditional systems. For more information, you can also visit

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