New treatment restores high gloss to weathered decorative concrete

ChemMasters Inc. has introduced a new product to restore the original gloss, luster and beauty to weathered decorative concrete sealers. Gloss Restorer SRT chemically alters dull sealers to produce both long-term protection from water and salt, as well as spectacular cosmetic improvements. Its patented Ultra Perm film formation allows for multiple applications without fear of “blushing” or whitening.

Gloss Restorer SRT is not a traditional sealer. It is intended to be applied over existing sealers that have been dulled due to weathering and UV exposure. It is neither a polish nor a temporary wax. Rather, it bonds to and chemically alters existing concrete sealer to improve its gloss without compromising the coating’s permeability.

Gloss Restorer SRT minimizes the problems often associated with the use of traditional acrylic concrete sealers. Its environmentally friendly and user safe SRT (Solvent Replacement Technology) formula bonds more tightly to existing sealers than re-applied traditional water-based sealer. It applies easily, requires no special respiratory equipment and can be used indoors or out. VOC content is less than 350 grams per liter.

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