New Z Liqui-Crete cast-in-place countertop system provides best placement options when pouring a thin slab

Concrete Countertop Solutions Inc., creators of Z Counterforms, has announced the release of the new Z Liqui-Crete system. Designed specifically for cast-in-place concrete countertops, the system includes a fiberglass mesh grid that is held in place for the best possible placement when pouring a thin slab.

Past issues using fiberglass mesh as a reinforcement in cast- in-place tops occurred because there was no way to keep the mesh at the appropriate height. That is where the patented Z Clip comes in. Simply screw it down to your cement board substrate and clip the mesh into place. The clip is designed to hold the mesh at the optimal height when using Z Counterforms.

The system also provides a high-strength concrete admixture that reduces cracking and troweling difficulties. The Z Liqui-Crete add- mix is combined with a 60-pound bag of standard concrete sand mix to create a highly flowable, user-friendly mix that will pour through the 1-by-1-inch fiberglass mesh grid. The Liqui-Crete fills the forms effectively and is easy to trowel smooth, creating a lasting, quality countertop.

Along with their new system, Concrete Countertop Solutions is also releasing a Roman Ogee Edge profile to add to its existing six decorative edge profiles. Because of the large horizontal surface on the ogee profile, pouring such a profile was difficult in the past without trapping too much air in the form. Now, thanks to the flowability of the Liqui-Crete mix, this profile can finally be poured without issues.

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