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Nox-Crete introduces three

Nox-Crete Products Group has announced three new products for the first quarter: Deco-Strip, Tag-Erase and Tag-X. Each product brings a unique innovation to Nox-Crete’s performance and quality-driven line of products.

Deco-Strip is the first-of-its-kind in decorative acrylic sealer removal for stamped concrete. The biodegradable product restores stamped concrete back to its original condition – without scrubbing, scraping or creating harmful waste. Deco-Strip quickly penetrates and softens acrylic decorative concrete sealers. Simply rinse Deco-Strip with a pressure washer and the surface is ready for a fresh coat of decorative sealer.

Tag-X restores porous, graffiti-defaced surfaces to their original appearance. This biodegradable remover softens and lifts graffiti from concrete, stone, brick and concrete masonry allowing it to be easily removed with a pressure washer.

Tag-Erase removes graffiti from non-porous surfaces, such as vinyl covered signs, billboards and baked on painted surfaces. After application, the graffiti is simply wiped or washed away.

"I am very excited to bring these three new products to market,” said Mike Linn, president and lead chemist. “We’ve identified an immediate need for Deco-Strip as aging sealed decorative concrete surfaces are beginning to show signs of wear, such as, a frost-like appearance caused by moisture buildup and yellowing or chalking due to UV exposure. The graffiti removers have been a long-term project of mine, and we are confident the formulations are superior to any thing else on the market.”