Penetron upgrades industry and shops in Poland

Penetron crystalline technology helped upgrade and complete three important and recently completed construction projects in Pu?awy, a significant industrial center in Eastern Poland.

The town of Pu?awy has grown into a notable industrial center over the past 50 years, thanks to a large chemical complex, the Zak?ady Azotowe Pu?awy facility, which is also the world’s largest producer of melamine. The continued expansion of this facility and the resulting population growth in the region has also elevated demand for retail and infrastructural growth.

Melamine is employed in a wide variety of products. It is used as a resin in Formica, dinnerware, and flooring, and as a foam in insulation and soundproofing. It is also a widely used pigment, a fire-retardant agent, and an ingredient in high-performance concrete.

The newly completed projects using Penetron technology include:

Azoty Pu?awy chemical plant: Penetron Admix was specified for an expansion project at this massive complex. The admixture was integrated into the chemical storage tanks and the underlying slab for waterproofing and enhanced chemical resistance.

Pu?awy Wastewater Treatment Plant: This comprehensive expansion project used Penetron and Penecrete mortar for the renovation of the sewage tanks, clarifiers, channels and many other concrete components. Penetron Admix and Peneseal FH floor hardener were used for waterproofing and to increase the chemical resistance of the new facility’s concrete roads.

Pu?awy shopping center: Penetron Admix was used to waterproof the underground walls and slabs. Penetron crystalline waterproofing material and Penecrete mortar were used to seal the joints in walls and slabs.

The protection of concrete basement walls and floors, tanks and other concrete structures in Pu?awy was achieved by adding Penetron Admix crystalline waterproofing admixture directly into the concrete at the time of batching; a combination ofPenetron and Penetron mortar was used to prevent water or chemical ingress along the concrete joints. The Penetron technology keeps water and chemicals from penetrating into the concrete matrix even under high hydrostatic pressure. It also provides protection against corrosion and chemical attacks.

“The success we’ve had with Penetron technology in Pu?awy and all across Poland underlines the key attributes of waterproofing and chemical resistance that are substantially strengthened with our crystalline technology,” says Jozef van Beeck, international sales and marketing director of The Penetron Group. “These projects also benefit from the recent test results (Nordtest 2014) that show how Penetron Admix can add up to 60+ years to the life cycle of many types of concrete. Obviously, this also significantly reduces any long-term maintenance expenses.”

The Penetron Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction products for concrete waterproofing, concrete repairs and floor preparation systems. The Group operates through a global network, offering support to the design and construction community through its regional offices, representatives and distribution channels.

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