Penntek’s World of Concrete 2015 launch of advanced concrete floor coatings solutions

Penntek Industrial Coatings will be unveiling its new line of polyurea, polyaspartic, acrylic and epoxy-based floor coatings and repair materials at World of Concrete 2015. Penntek has designed its products to meet the performance, application, and aesthetic requirements of a wide range of projects, from industrial to commercial to residential applications.

The FormCove user-friendly, seamless cove system is one of Penntek’s innovative show launches. Designed to provide installers with an alternative to rigid, precut cove pieces, FormCove is molded in place at the job site – a process that saves valuable time for installers, and creates custom fit, seamless corner to finish off flooring systems.

Visit Penntek’s World of Concrete booth number S13107 for their full line-up of new products highlighted below:

  • Broadcast systems, both chip and quartz, with high-quality polyurea polyaspartic top coat, flake or quartz blend, binder coat for the quartz and polyurea base coat.
  • Solid color systems designed for durability in high-impact environments, with a wide spectrum of textures and colors. Options include a 2-day epoxy system and a 1-day polyurea system.
  • Selection of base coats and primers including 100 percent solids pure polyurea primer/basecoat, and two 100 percent solids epoxy options – each designed to meet particular application needs depending on topcoats used, durability needs, desired final appearance, and condition of substrate.
  • Topcoats designed for specific project needs for workability, pot life, chemical and abrasion resistance, and desired texture. Options include a 93 percent solids polyaspartic polyurea topcoat, 100 percent solids polyaspartic polyurea topcoat, a 100 percent solids UV stable plural component expoxy, and a 100 percent solids UV stable single component epoxy.
  • Metallic system: Designed for optimal color movement to create a dazzling, “custom” look, while also minimizing installation and down time. System includes a waterbase top coat, low-viscosity metallic epoxy, and pre-tinted primer/base.

Using advanced technology formulations and quality ingredients, the new products provide substantial improvements to workability and performance. Because quality and consistency are fundamental to Penntek’s business model, the manufacturing process is certified to meet ISO 2008:9001 quality management standards. This demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to quality, and assures contractors that they will be installing a reliable product every time.

To meet the market demand for contractor-oriented, high quality coating solutions, Penntek was founded in 2010. Since its launch, Penntek has experienced strong demand and growth as contractors regionally and nationwide learned about this source for advanced products. Penntek’s WOC launch brings its superior quality product line to a wider audience.

With a range of polyurea and polyaspartic-based broadcast and solid color systems, epoxy systems, and highly effective and versatile repair and patch materials, Penntek has designed all of its products to meet real-life needs for performance, workability, and aesthetics, depending on the application.

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