Redi-Mix Colors and Ghostshield Form Power Alliance to Produce Eco-friendly Products

Redi-Mix Color Etch Degreaser

Principals at Redi-Mix Colors and Ghostshield are excited to announce their partnership that will bring a new level of environmentally conscious products to the concrete market.

Redi-Mix general manager Mark Hampston says, “Our eco-friendly and no VOC [volatile organic compound] cleaning products are just the beginning. We plan to offer many new shared products that are innovative, effective and safe for the environment.”

Two products set to launch are:

ECO-ETCH 1001 – Non-acid based concentrated combination etch and cleaner Eco-Etch 1001safely brightens and cleans concrete and masonry surfaces. It provides excellent results while still being safe for the environment unlike conventional products.

Micro-Degreaser 1100MICRO-DEGREASER 1100 – Also non-acid based, this concentrated concrete cleaner and degreaser safely removes dirt, oils, grime and more. All without the risk and harmful side effects of other chemical cleaners on the market.

Another new offering, HYDRO-STAIN will be available in mid- to late August.

Redi-Mix Colors and Ghostshield partner up

Industry leaders known for cutting edge technology in cleaning products, sealers, urethanes and epoxy products, Redi-Mix and Ghostshield serve the flatwork, decorative, precast, artistry and vertical concrete market. Additionally, their internet-based ordering systems make transactions simple.

About Ghostshield

Priding themselves on “innovation with a conscience,” Ghostshield manufactures water, oil and salt-resistant concrete sealers and coatings. They are the first to offer their products in ultra-concentrated form resulting in 80% less packaging, 50% less transportation cost and 80% less container waste.

Using nanotechnology, their active ingredients are engineered to have minute atomic structures allowing the most thorough concrete penetration.

About Redi-Mix Colors & Sealers

Aiming to bring transparency to the rapidly growing colored concrete market, Redi-Mix Colors started in 2016 and remains unmatched in quality products and service. By removing the price barrier, giving immediate quotes, and offering free shipping on most orders, Redi-Mix continues to set itself apart.

They are especially proud of their newly patented Concrete Protection Process which cleans, revitalizes and restores concrete to its original state. CPP mitigates staining concerns while increasing surface durability and lengthening the lifespan of installations with UV protection and no-fade technology.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on how Redi-Mix Colors and Ghostshield are bringing innovative technology to the decorative concrete industry, get in touch:

Phone: (508) 823-0771
Email: [email protected]

Phone: (855) 573-8383

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