Sakrete offers paving sand, strong mix

Sakrete has introduced 5000 Plus concrete mix, formulated to offer high-performance construction and repairs after water is added.

The 5000 Plus mix achieves more than 5,000 psi, ideal for high-strength applications in slabs, walkways and repairs, and exceeds strength requirements of ASTM C-387. This highstrength mix is also good for concrete countertops in kitchens and baths, and it is endorsed by countertop artisan Fu-Tung Cheng.

Sakrete has also introduced Paver Set Polymeric Sand, a mixture of sand and special additives for paving stone joints. The only materials needed for product use are water and a broom. Paver Set is applied by sweeping the sand into paver joints and misting it with a fine spray of water to solidify. The material contains special polymers that adhere specifically to the substrate as the material cures. Once curing is complete, Paver Set will resist erosion. It is engineered to resist wind, rain, and freezing conditions better than regular sand, and it resists substrate movement without washing away.

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