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Sawtec CC-100 Crack Chaser Saw For Crack and joint repair

The CC-100 is a walk-behind crack chasing saw designed to cut 1-inch depths in concrete or asphalt. Available from Sawtec, the device cuts 6 to 8 feet of crack per minute, or up to 3,000 linear feet in a day, depending on the material. The CC-100 features a swivel caster and a retractable control handle and uses a small diameter dry diamond blade (6") in 0.250", 0.375" or 0.500" widths. The saw is available in gasoline or electric models and operates virtually dust-free when connected to a separate Sawtec Maxi-Vac dust collector.

Applications include crack repair or expansion joint cleanout in parking garages, parking lots, airports runways, bridge decks, swimming pools, and other outdoor (or indoor) concrete surfaces.

Sawtec, a division of USF Surface Preparation Group, offers a full-line of portable virtually dustfree surface preparation equipment, including airpowered saws; grinding equipment; tile cutting, tuckpointing, and crack-chasing equipment; joint cleanout equipment and dust collection systems. For more information, contact Sawtec at 800-624-7832.