Sealer keeps water out

Okon W-2 economically seals regular concrete block and other moderately porous surfaces such as old weathered brick and heavily textured stucco. Offering superior water repellent performance, it is formulated with a proprietary blend of the highest quality acrylic micro-emulsions and a silanesiloxane solution.

The micro-emulsions penetrate the surface to establish a water-repelling barrier in the subsurface of concrete and masonry. Besides bridging hairline mortar cracks and filling pores and capillaries, the silane-siloxane component chemically reacts with concrete and masonry to form additional protection against water intrusion.

A ten-percent-solids, water-based sealer, Okon W-2 also reduces maintenance requirements by minimizing environmental erosion such as dusting, chalking, cracking and spalling. When applied as directed, it will not change the natural appearance of concrete and masonry and can be used under or over painted surfaces. The low VOC sealer is harmless to vegetation, non-flammable, low-odor, and easy to apply and clean up. For more information, call (303) 377- 7800 or visit

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