Serenity Hardscapes LLC Achieved ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor

The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) is proud to announce that Serenity Hardscapes LLC has been named an ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor – Wet-Mix, Level I.

ASA’s program recognizes shotcrete contractors who have shown, by both their company resources and past performance, a proven commitment to quality shotcrete placement. Quality, durable shotcrete placement on a consistent basis is key to extending the adoption of shotcrete in the wide variety of concrete structures where shotcrete is the most efficient, sustainable and also the most cost-effective method of concrete placement.

“(this program) leverages the reputation of the Association and our experienced members, to review a contractor’s ability to successfully perform the caliber of work required, on behalf of both the owners and specifiers.” (Cathy Burkert, Past President, ASA)

The ASA Contractor Qualification program requires a significant time commitment to attend the ASA Contractor Education seminar as well as fully documenting shotcrete-related business. ASA has shotcrete experts (contractors, engineers, suppliers, and educators) who review and verify applicant submittals of past successful work and aspects of shotcrete critical to quality placement. The Contractor Qualification committee reviews the shotcrete team, including contractor management, ACI-certified nozzleman, crew experience, proper equipment, and knowledge and ability to consistently place quality shotcrete.

“(this program) has been a long time in the making with uncounted volunteer hours. As with the ACI Nozzleman Certification, ASA will strive to make this program a key component for advancement of the shotcrete industry.” (Marcus von der Hofen, CQ Committee Chair)

ASA Qualification

ASA qualification is active for five years. These ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractors must heed ASA’s Code of Conduct in their shotcrete work:

As an ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor, we agree to ongoing compliance with both the requirements and standards set forth in the ASA Shotcrete Contractor Qualification Program Description. We will not either knowingly or purposefully violate any project specifications or requirements. We agree to maintain required insurance coverage, staff our projects with trained and certified personnel. Additionally, we will strive to produce a high-quality product in a safe and professional manner.

“This program will allow our company to distinguish itself as our area’s most qualified and dedicated contractor. It sets our bar higher for a company and will continue to push us to provide a quality shotcrete product!” (Rocky Wisley, President Serenity Hardscapes)

This program is a key component for advancement of the shotcrete industry. For further information about the program and upcoming seminars, visit

About The American Shotcrete Association

The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) has its headquarters in Wakefield, MA. The association is a non-profit organization of contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, designers, engineers, owners, and also others with a common interest in advancing the use of shotcrete. Founded in 1998, ASA advocates for the recognition and safe application of the shotcrete process in concrete construction.


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