SMK DW5GA and DW5GA-ACID cordless sprayers

The DW5GA and DW5GA-ACID cordless sprayers, both new from SMK Industries Inc.The DW5GA and DW5GA-ACID cordless sprayers, both new from SMK Industries Inc., offer a fresh way to spray concrete sealers, stains, curing compounds, acids and hardeners.

Powered by cordless tool batteries, they are designed to fit on top of the 5-gallon buckets that concrete-related liquid materials often come in. Each sprayer fastens securely to the lids of the buckets by virtue of a patented locking handle. The user unscrews the pouring spout cap, guides the suction tube into the pouring spout hole, locks the sprayer onto the lid, inserts the battery and starts spraying. The SMK Cordless Sprayers are designed to spray a wide variety of liquid compounds in up to half the time of conventional hand-pump sprayers.

Both models are based on the same basic design. The DW5GA comes equipped with brass fittings, metal spray trigger and a 24-inch brass wand. The DW5GA-ACID is the same sprayer with the exception of poly fittings, poly spray trigger and a 16-inch poly wand. SMK utilizes Chapin spray triggers, wands and spray tips for both models.

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