Smooth-On announces the Kwikee Sprayer

If you regularly use release agents in your processing for mold-making and/or casting, you can save a lot of money by switching from aerosol to liquid. The Kwikee Sprayer from Smooth-On is an economical alternative to aerosols for dispensing release agents and sealing agents. It is a faster, labor-saving way to cover large models or molds and delivers sealing agent or release agent in a fine mist.

When you spray a release agent using an aerosol can, most of what comes out of the can is propellant that dissipates in the air. Relatively little release agent is delivered to the surface of your model or mold. When you apply a liquid release agent to the surface using a brush or non-aerosol sprayer, a much higher percentage of actual release agent is delivered. You use far less to get the same release effect.

Using the Kwikee Sprayer offers the convenience of an aerosol and the savings associated with buying in bulk. It pays for itself in as little as a single release application cycle depending on the project.

Fill the sprayer with any liquid and charge with air using a compressor with a common tire fill air chuck. Press the Kwikee trigger to spray. Use the nozzle to adjust the spray setting from a very fine mist to a concentrated stream. The Kwikee Sprayer is made of anodized aluminum and is chemical- and water-resistant. It will work with water-based, solvent-based or oil-based liquids.

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Smooth-On announces the Kwikee Sprayer

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