Soff-Cut X-50 and X-150D Prowler Gas Saws

The X-50 Handheld electric saw and X-150D Prowler gas saw from Soff-Cut International Inc. are concrete saws the decorative contractor may appreciate.

The X-50 is designed for ease of use and convenience, and it is ideal for finish cuts and architectural scoring, as well as decorative cutting. Features include the patented Soff-Cut lownoise and low-dust blade block enclosure with dust extraction port, mechanical blade-depth control, a 120-volt electric motor and an adjustable cutting angle. The X-50 works in conjunction with Soff-Cut blades and patented skid plates to allow for “ultra” early-entry cutting, which minimizes chipping and spalling while allowing contractors to get off the job in the same day. The X-50 saw allows the finish cut to be performed less than 1 inch away from the wall on freshly cured concrete. The X-50 can also be used for architectural scoring and to perform a 2-foot radius cut on newly finished concrete. Finally, it’s useful for chasing cuts with Soff-Cut’s beveled, V-line and radius-line decorative blades.

The X-150D Deco Prowler is designed for beveled cut applications. A compliment to the X150 Prowler, it has a low-noise, low-vibration Robin engine and is ideal for large and small jobs alike. The X150D saw is set up to handle the full line of ProEdge beveled blades, which leave a decorative look in control joints and saw cuts.

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