Super concentrate cleaning power by the ounce

Prosoco Inc.’s new Consolideck LSKlean Super Concentrate packs hundreds of square feet of concrete-floor cleaning power into each ounce of easyto- mix blue liquid. That makes LSKlean Super Concentrate economical to transport and saves valuable shelf and storage space. It also minimizes disposal costs for empty containers.

The new super-concentrate version of Prosoco’s popular maintenance floor cleaner is available in container sizes from 5 gallons to four-ounce “pillowpack” PAX containers. With the PAX containers, simply dump the fluid into a bucket or autoscrubber with 5 gallons of fresh water and a quick stir, and you’re ready to take on hundreds or thousands of square feet of finished concrete floor. LSKlean contains lithium silicate.

Its specialized blend of degreasers and detergents removes most common soiling found on concrete floors. It’s ideal for concrete floors everywhere, from steel-troweled warehouse and manufacturing plant floors to burnished and highly polished floors in schools, stores, hospitals and restaurants.

Though LSKlean Super Concentrate is specifically designed for lithiumsilicate hardened/densified floors, it brings its cleaning and hardening benefits to untreated concrete floors as well. It was made for regular maintenance cleaning, but it is also perfect for light restoration cleaning of old concrete floors.

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