Super-Krete celebrates 30 years

Super-Krete, the leading manufacturer of concrete repair, restoration, waterproofing and decorative concrete overlay products, is celebrating 30 years of success in the sales, training and domestic and international distribution of Super-Krete Products in 2015.

John Holwitz founded Super-Crete in 1985 and the brand has since become known as Super-Krete. Super-Krete is the federally registered trademark owner of Super-Crete, Super-Krete, Bond-Kote, Stamp-Kote, Super-Stamp, Pene-Krete and the Super-Krete Products logo. Holwitz developed the world’s first ready-mix, cementitious concrete overlay material now known as Bond-Kote. This highly versatile product is used for all concrete resurfacing applications up to 1/8 inch. Bond-Kote is user friendly — only water is needed to activate the proprietary ingredients and create a flowable batter that can be applied by squeegee, sprayer, trowel, brush or broom. Bond-Kote and other ready-mix products by Super-Krete have been used on the highest profile projects including the Vatican, the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Flying Dutchman pirate ship, and remains a top seller.

Since the development of Bond-Kote, multiple complete systems have been formulated and engineered to create long-lasting decorative concrete surfaces suited for industrial, commercial, retail and municipal environments. The complete Super-Krete product line consists of concrete waterproofing and crack treatments, cementitious overlays, waterbased paints and stains and protective sealers. The film industry has adopted Super-Krete products for use in many of their film construction projects. Super-Krete products enable plasterers and masons ultimate control over creating the most exotic film sets including pirate ships, spaceships, statues, pyramids, mountains, complete tropical islands, and even a yellow brick road.

In 2000 Super-Krete expanded to a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing plant with a 5,000-square-foot training facility. Super-Krete has since expanded its operations to Central Texas where a distribution point and second training center opened for business in 2012.

Super-Krete is available through a network of Authorized Distributors in the United States and around the globe. With distributors and installers on six of seven continents, Super-Krete remains proud of its product success in every type of climate, from freezing temperatures and dry deserts to that of hot and humid tropical islands.

Super-Krete certifies installers and provides a 5-year warranty against delamination. Super-Krete offers an on-going continued education program for architects and specifiers, and writes specifications in-house on a project-by-project basis. Technical support has been offered since inception, and with the introduction of internet and photo sharing, real-time support is available all day, every day.

Holwitz’s daughter, Tracey Lackovich, purchased the company from her father in 1999 and incorporated as Super-Krete International, Inc. Since then, Lackovich has served as President and CEO. “I am so proud that our amazing team has taken my father’s small business to a whole new level by providing the industry the information and support it demands for success. Our client base has grown by referral and word of mouth consisting of design professionals, building materials distributors and contractor installers. Our employees are dedicated and committed to The Super Way, an internal mission statement created by them to uphold the highest standards of excellence. After 30 years the products continue to speak for themselves in performance and I’m so incredibly proud of my father for his ingenuity and passion for his work. It’s been a blessing to be able to visit our clients around the globe and see how our products are used in such a wide array of applications from bridges, dams, runways, building exteriors, tunnels, sidewalks, high rises, hotels and more.”

Looking back on the past 30 years, the Holwitz family smiles at how far Super-Krete has come in the world of concrete. “This was a little company that we built into an efficient, state-of-the-art, global leader in concrete coatings technology from a home-based operation into an international leader!" says Jon Holwitz, Production Manager.

Since 1985, Super-Krete Products have been used to waterproof, repair, restore and beautify concrete surfaces. Tagged as “The Concrete Overlay Experts”, Super-Krete manufactures environmentally friendly and non-toxic products to include ready-mix materials, paints, color stains and sealers for decorative concrete and concrete restoration and waterproofing. Super-Krete excels in providing products, training and support to contractors involved in concrete repair and renovation projects as well as Public Works for sidewalk, curb, gutter and highway spall repairs.

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