Superabrasive’s new line of polishers

Superabrasive Inc. is introducing its newest line of Lavina machines: the Lavina S series, which features forced belt-driven planetary movement. The new Lavina S machines are offered as 20-, 25-, 30- and 32-inch electric models, as well as 25- and 30-inch propane models.

“One advantage of our Lavina S machines compared to some other belt-driven machines on the market is that, if the drum belt on your machine breaks, you don’t have to stop and change it, so you don’t lose valuable production time. With Lavina S machines, you just take the belt out and keep working,” said Mark Elliott, sales manager at Superabrasive Inc., in a press release.

The base of the machines now feature new exclusive U-joint technology. The additional axis provides the machine with added flexibility, allowing the entire base to move and float in any direction over the floor. In addition, new floating heads hold QuickChange tools, allowing tools to be mounted directly to the heads with no additional plates necessary. New security plate locks also add an extra measure of safety.

Other features include a completely new nozzle-free anticlogging water-spraying system, which allows the operator to choose between internal spraying (beneath the machine) or spraying directly in front of the machine, and a new power cable attachment that connects to the top of the machine.

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