The power of enzymes

BioKleen, from Kleen-Sales, uses the latest in enzyme technology
to provide a safe and effective industrial-strength solution to mold
and mildew removal. In one application, BioKleen cleans, removes
stains, abates odors, neutralizes pH, removes mold and mildew at
the molecular level and keeps it from coming back for up to one
BioKleen is 100 percent biodegradable and 100 percent bleach-,
ammonia- and phosphate-free. Unlike many enzyme cleaners that
become unstable and lose effectiveness as they age or are exposed
to the air, BioKleen is formulated with more stable enzymes, making
it more effective and easier to work with. In addition, BioKleen is
composed of an advanced cleaning surfactant formula that cleans
with results that are visible almost instantly.

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