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The Profiler™ Offers Exciting New Uses for Stencils

Surface Gel Tek, LLC has joined Artcrete, Inc. in developing a revolutionary new way of stenciling textured patterns onto concrete.Until now, stenciling concrete was left to the professionals. The specialized equipment and necessary skill required to stencil textured patterns onto concrete has always been a limiting factor as far as who can and cannot participate in this very lucrative market. You can now get the same result as the professionals within minutes, eliminating the need for costly equipment, sand clean up and disposal. Patterns, borders and custom logos are easily achieved with precision on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The combination of Faux Brick® stenciled Patterns and The Profiler™ gelled acid, make sandblasting stenciled patterns in concrete obsolete. For more information, call Artcrete, Inc at (318) 379-2000 or Surface Gel Tek, LLC at (480) 970-4580