Versatile Launches New Ultra High-Solids Polyaspartic Top Coat

High-Solids Polyaspartic Top Coat by Versatile in a large warehouse space.
This warehouse has a floor that is coated with the new High Solids Polyaspartic Top Coat by Versatile. Photo courtesy of Versatile.

With a solids content of 97% + 3%, this new high-solids polyaspartic topcoat allows film thickness to build in excess of typical standard systems. Subsequently, this results in water-like clarity that leaves a mirror-like reflection with any object that sits upon it.

5097 has a much lower viscosity than the typical high-solids polyaspartic, making it very easy to apply while providing an even longer pot life. 5097 also allows for a longer working time on the floor to “back roll” compared to standard polyaspartic. This makes this coating extremely user-friendly.

The cross linking of the 5097 series film in the cure makes this new polyaspartic topcoat exceptionally tough and durable. As a result, it’s four times more abrasion-resistant than standard epoxies.

As another added benefit, the VOC levels are below 50. This means less odor while still maintaining a great resistance to chemicals. Maintaining a low odor with a high-solids polyaspartic is rare in the coatings industry. Consequently, 5097 a great alternative to odor-sensitive installs where a tough, high build is desired. The dry time is between 5-8 hours depending on the ambient temperature. As a result, you can walk on the floor the next day.

The installations are limitless. Here are just a few areas where 5097 can be applied:

  • Garages
  • Industrial applications
  • Kennels
  • Warehouses
  • Auto repair shops
  • Retail shops
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Lockers
  • Service bays
  • Restaurants

Question from Readers


I am considering SpartaCoat Flex XPL polyaspartic for my garage floor. Spec sheet says 97% solids. Is there a benefit to using a polyaspartic that is 100% solids instead?

Answer from Concrete Decor

Certainly, a high-solids polyaspartic is a good choice. However, the difference between a 100% and 97% solids content is negligible. In many cases, you’re buying yourself a little bigger window for application purposes. Polyaspartics are very abrasion resistant surface coatings and Laticrete products are a good choice.

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