Versatile offers 4150 Vapor Stop in Baja Beige

Versatile Building Products is now stocking 4150 Vapor Stop in Baja Beige due to the request of their customers.

4150 Vapor Stop Epoxy is a pigmented two-part epoxy primer and sealer designed to reduce moisture vapor emissions from concrete to acceptable levels for moisture and vapor sensitive floor systems and coatings. Vapor Stop is also used for the chip coat in epoxy floor systems that use vinyl chips.

Using Vapor Stop reduces the risk of the epoxy floor system from blowing off from high moisture emission rates. Vapor Stop develops a tenacious bond to properly prepared surfaces and blocks the passage of moisture vapor. It is not uncommon for Vapor Stop to reduce 15 pounds of MVE down to 2 pounds. Vapor Stop can penetrate and cure within concrete even when applied under water.

The system is applied easily by roller or squeegee without odors or flammability issues that could disrupt surrounding operations. Vapor Stop Pigmented Epoxy provides a low MVT Floor Coating suitable for use below a wood, VCT or other type of non breathing floor system.

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