Veto Pro Pac Launches Tech OT-MC

Veto Pro Pac® (, the leader in professional grade tool bags, launched its Tech OT-MC top tool bag. The Tech OT-MC is part of the very popular M Series that includes the MC and Tech MCT closed top tool bags. A compact open top tool bag, the innovative Tech OT-MC includes a centrally located injection molded compartment that can be left open or fitted with removable and repositionable insert boxes that allow technicians the ability to customize their bags. Each insert box can be filled with different tools or accessory parts, and the central box can accommodate 1, 2, or 3 insert boxes; if a technician uses one box, the box can be placed in 6 different locations.

The TECH PAC OT-MC is the newest in a long line of workaholics that tradesmen have come to expect from Veto Pro Pac: redefining a product category, industry leading innovation, unparalleled durability, and design features that increase productivity on the job and save time, money and improve a tradesman’s bottom line. Veto Pro Pac’s heavy duty construction and stabilizing injection molded waterproof base keeps tools dry, even in the nastiest of conditions.


  1. Interior Injection Molded Box with Smaller Removable and Repositionable Insert Boxes for Customization and Increased Storage Options
  2. Over-molded Grip
  3. Compact Stainless Steel Tape Clip Holder
  4. Extra-Wide Padded Shoulder Strap
  5. 3 mm Thick Waterproof Base
  6. 28 Interior and Exterior Tool Pockets

With 28 interior and exterior tool pockets, the centrally located injection molded box and the opportunity to add three removable insert boxes, the TECH OT-MC has ample room for hand tools, meters, parts boxes, cordless drills and impact drivers. And, the ability to customize the bag with insert boxes allows technicians to easily set up the bag for each type of job that they are working on.

“For technicians servicing equipment in challenging conditions such as on roofs or in expansive industrial buildings, you have to carry your tools safely and comfortably,” said Roger Brouard, founder of Veto Pro Pac and the designer of the TECH OT-MC.

Mr. Brouard added, “In developing the original version of this product, I spent weeks with HVAC technicians on the job observing their challenges from having to comply with OSHA standards of three points of contact on ladders, hauling tools up with a rope, to the need for a backpack that would fit through cages and stand up when being used, to a backpack that is comfortable and won’t get soaked when placed down in wet or muddy conditions. This product is the result of those observations and the resolution to problems that technicians face in the field during their daily routines. When I had the chance to develop the TECH PAC OT-MC, I incorporated new features, based on feedback from our customers, that improve the performance of the bag and increase the technician’s productivity.”

The TECH PAC OT-MC is 11.5 inches high, 10 inches long, and 9.85 inches wide, and is available at Veto Pro Pac dealers nationwide. For more information, go to

Veto Pro Pac tool bags are sold nationwide. To find a dealer in your area or to learn more about Veto Pro Pac visit

About Veto Pro Pac
Veto Pro Pac tool bags are professional grade, industrial strength storage systems designed to keep tools where they belong, within easy reach, and protected from work site hazards. Each bag within the line is designed specifically for the professional tradesman they serve, with unique features that ensure the tool you need is always with you and easy to find. Roger Brouard, founder of Veto Pro Pac and a 30 year tradesmen, spent years conducting research in the field on what professional tradesmen look for in a tool bag. The end result are core products that include vertically tiered pockets attached to a patented center panel design to keep the bags vertical, allowing for immediate visual inventory and access to all hand tools. All Veto Pro Pac tool bags are designed as durable, ergonomic platforms to protect and transport tools to and from the jobsite and everywhere in between.

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