WerkMaster launches safety conscious Stealth propane burnisher with dust collection

Today’s floor care professionals are demanding more features and benefits in their choice of propane burnisher. They want performance and safety while reducing overall maintenance costs and downtime as well as extending the life of their propane buffer. Concrete polishing professionals are now using propane burnishers in their polished concrete process placing more importance on dust control, safety and durability. The Stealth delivers on all counts.

The WerkMaster Stealth with ClearSKY Accu-Sense Emissions Monitoring System offers the only technology in the floor care and polished concrete industry that automatically shuts off the propane engine before emissions reach dangerous levels. WerkMaster’s Accu-Sense technology will not only shut down the engine, but it will accurately tell you why it shuts down.

The Stealth will shut down:

  • If the machine air intake is restricted by a dirty filter.
  • If the air-to-fuel ratio is improperly set.
  • If the machine is running unattended.
  • If the operator attempts to run cold.

"WerkMaster puts operator health and safety ahead of performance, function and features. We made sure that all WerkMaster propane powered equipment has built in safety features as a standard, not an option," states Brian Wilson, president of WerkMaster."

WerkMaster DustMizer is a centrifugal dust collection system that traps minute particles of debris generated during ultra high speed burnishing operations, delivering superior results in maintaining dust control in customer’s sensitive environments.

The innovative DustMizer dust collection system, with precision-engineered skirt and deck designs, utilizes the high speed rotation of the pad to direct dust into an easily accessible bag.

Stealth propane buffers ergonomic design provides users with a quiet machine reducing fatigue and limiting exposure to mechanical features of the motor.

Clear Sky buffers and burnishers are available in 21-inch and 28-inch models.

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