Xylene and acetone sprayers

SMK has released the new HOSSXylene cordless sprayer, which sprays xylene-based cures and sealers. The HOSS-Xylene contains internal components that resist the damaging chemical effects of xylene.

The 36-volt, 60-psi cordless sprayer can connect to a five-gallon bucket, a 55-gallon barrel or other containers. The new HOSS-Xylene sprays material consistently and evenly with no pressure drop. The expanded tip selection includes TeeJet fan and hollow-cone tips. Materials containing 30 percent solids are no problem for the HOSS-Xylene.

SMK has also introduced the PONYAcetone, a cordless sprayer specifically made for spraying acetone-based materials. The PONY-Acetone is a 40-psi, 1 gallon-perminute cordless sprayer. The internal components of the PONYAcetone resist the damaging effects of acetone and acetonebased materials. It is designed to securely fasten to the lid of a five gallon bucket and dispense material right out of the bucket through the pouring spout hole.

Finally, SMK has begun offering a Speed Control option for its PONY and HOSS cordless sprayer systems. The Speed Control option gives the user the ability to “dial down” the speed of the motor to match the flow rate of the tip being used, while maintaining the desired pressure and extending the battery life.

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