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1. Deciding on Which Concrete Sealer Depends on the Job

Deciding which concrete sealer is best largely depends on the jobSometimes it pays to think outside the box. Justin Vollmerhausen of Colorado Hard Surfaces did just that, and now he has stamped concrete patios that still look like new after five years

By K. Schipper
2. Schools and Public Facilities Weigh the Benefits of Polished Concrete

Schools and Public Facilities Weigh the Benefits of Polished ConcreteEvery year, schools and municipalities spend millions of dollars replacing old worn-out carpet and vinyl composite tiles. The cost of replacing these traditional flooring materials is quite expensive and in most cases not at all green. For the past several years facilities are looking at polished concrete as an option.

By David Swindle II
3. Creating the Look of Stones with Concrete on a Residential Pool Deck

Faux stones around a pool deck - Concrete Decor MagazineLast year, a homeowner in Augusta, New Jersey, went into a masons’ supply store looking for a fix for his pool deck. The pavers installed 15 years ago had settled. The deck wasn’t draining properly, and his homeowner’s insurance company had identified the paver portion of the pool deck as a hazard.

By Gail Elber
4. Revive Color Refresher from L. M. Scofield Co.

A close up look of control joints on a red concrete patio.It’s a fact we have to face — everything ages. And colored concrete is not immune. Sometimes it fades to a soft, mellow color, but often it just becomes dull and lifeless. Or worse, later repairs and additions don’t match.

By Amy Johnson
5. Three-step System to Re-color Concrete

Your ability to create different tones is only limited by your imagination and artistic ability,Across the country stamped concrete jobs are beginning to show wear. To help restore the worn surfaces, Concrete Earth LLC has developed a three-step system to re-color, accent and seal previously installed jobs.

6. Metallic Red and Gray Tile Pattern Adds Pizzazz to Garage Floor

Red and gray epoxy floor in a garage.Michael R. Jensen is CEO and artist at Atlanta Concrete Artist, billed as a purveyor of “exotic designer flooring.” He recently completed an epoxy garage floor for a car enthusiast in Sandy Springs, Ga.

7. Medical Lobby Decorative Concrete Makeover - Modesto, California

Mosaic art placed into concrete creates a focal point of this medical lobbyIn two weeks' time, Julio A. Hallack and his crew of four transformed what he calls a "mail lobby" - a ho-hum, run-of-the-mill 1,500-square-foot space - into a warm and inviting receiving area that everyone who sees it can't help but admire.

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc

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