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1. How Densifiers Help with Concrete Maintenance

The use of diamond pads to get out of a jam or cut corners is often money- or time-motivated.In the 1990s, when concrete polishing took off in the United States, silicate hardener/densifiers were rarely used. Now, a concrete floor is not considered properly polished if densifier has not been applied to rejection.

2. Applying Concrete Densifiers -- Feel Good About Rejection

Box store used densifier prior to polishing concrete.One message comes through loud and clear in any discussion, debate or disagreement about the various types of densifiers used in concrete polishing.

Almost all of them work, with one exception...

By Joe Maty
3. Learn the Hard Facts About Concrete Densifiers

Person holding a blue book in front of their face with a stack of books and a tablet next to them.Densifiers are an underutilized, misunderstood and overlooked key to producing a beautiful and durable polished concrete floor.

By Jennifer Faller
4. Cutting-Edge Concrete Densifiers

Densifying concrete can improve color as well as performance. These innovative materials will help you firm up your surface.Densifying concrete can improve color as well as performance. These innovative materials will help you firm up your surface.

By Amy Johnson
5. Understanding the Unique Properties of Hardeners and Densifiers

Concrete floor colored with multiple colors.Sometimes terminology can be confusing. Take the case of chemical hardeners and densifiers.; these words have somewhat unusual meanings within the realm of concrete.

This article outlines the different properties and meanings of both.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
6. Treating Concrete with Densifiers Increases Compressive and Tensile Strength

Densifiers penetrate into concrete, then chemically react with the calcium hydroxide within the surface of the concrete.Treating concrete with densifiers increases compressive and tensile strength while adding moisture- and abrasion-resistance.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
7. New product spotlight: SS ColorSystem

SS ColorSystem has a much more vibrant and consistent color than acid stains, and as being easier to apply.For many years, customers have been asking SealSource LLC for a densifier with color. As company CEO Kym Nelson reports, they may be the first company to offer a densifier that includes coloring pigments: SS ColorSystem, a penetrating, chemical densifier available in a wide range of colors.


Displaying: 1 - 7 of 7