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1. ICFs Play Big Part in Energy-Efficient Schools' Design

Construction worker moving insulated concrete forms on a construction site.Construction using insulated concrete forms (ICFs) doesn’t instantly turn design and building projects “green” or “sustainable” all by themselves.

By Joe Maty
2. Concrete Veneer Panels Make ICFs Rock

A concrete stone like veneer being placed on the outside of an old brick fireplace.For contractors who want a rock finish on the exterior of an ICF structure, M a variety of panelized stone veneer systems and interlocking structural insulated home-building panel systems are available.

By K. Schipper
3. ICF Walls Become Vertical Canvases for Decorative Concrete Finishes

ICF Walls Look Like Real StonesWhat’s old often becomes new again, and in the case of ICF (insulated concrete forms) construction, many people feel it’s not only ready for a rebirth but a healthy adolescence, as well.

By K. Schipper
4. From the Ground Up: Building a Concrete Home

A compass placed on the concrete floor in this kitchen.In this house, concrete is everywhere, from the floors to the walls to the tabletops. And it doesn't stop there, the entire home was consructed using concrete and insulated concrete forms.

By Chris Camara
5. Concrete Walls Save Lives

fire started in a trashcan in the garage, slowly spreading into the ceiling and attic of the home. The concrete walls held up the roof over the house and they did not burnJust a little over three months after they first moved into their new home , a fire burned through the home’s garage, attic and roof, thanks to the home being build using ICFs..


Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5