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1. Six Issues to Keep in Mind When Working with Decorative Concrete Abroad

John Anderson in a tank top using a power trowel on a concrete slab abroad.The cultural practices and business models from country to country are unique in every way possible: techniques, materials, tools and construction practice regulations.

By John Anderson
2. Making International Travel and Shipping Plans for Concrete Projects

Preparing a shipment for loading onto a truck.While in the course of business these days, you will sometimes be asked to travel outside the United States to do decorative concrete work. The pitfalls are many, but the windfalls can be huge.

By Cathye Rankin
3. How to Survive and Thrive when Doing Decorative Concrete Overseas

In the United States, decorative concrete is advanced at a level that it is not at anywhere else. When you're overseas, be prepared to educate.In the United States, decorative concrete is advanced at a level that it is not at anywhere else. When you’re overseas, be prepared to educate.

By Mike Archambault
4. Creating Decorative Concrete Far Far Away

art director Sean Dunston teaches Chinese workers how to stamp with homemade materials and equipment at Universal Studios Singapore.There were even unbelievable benefits from a concrete contractor's standpoint. As Singapore is near the equator, temperatures are very stable and don't typically swing much or swing quickly. It's also quite humid. What this meant, from a concreter's standpoint, was great latitude as to contraction joints.

By Mike Miller
5. Decorative Concrete Booms Across the Atlantic

Colored concrete medusa sculpture vertical placement on wallThe interest for decorative concrete is reaching new heights all over the world, and with this comes a need for education and training. Many countries are looking to the United States for products, information and support.

By John Anderson
6. Viva Italia! How Italians Do Decorative Concrete

Vertical concrete overlay training class in Italy by Ideal Work.Concrete Decor publisher goes on a whirlwind trip to Italy and finds that European contractors are eager to learn more about how Italian concrete contractors do decorative concrete.

By Bent Mikkelsen

Displaying: 1 - 6 of 6