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Concrete Solutions Spray-Top: Faster than a Concrete Finisher

Spraying onto a concrete curb

Faster than a concrete finisher but more powerful than a cementitious overlay. It is able to cover surfaces with only one coat. It’s Spray-Top, a super new product from Concrete Solutions Inc.

If there’s a faded, stained or discolored concrete job on the docket that you’d like to quickly and easily remedy, check out Spray-Top from Concrete Solutions Inc. This revolutionary, cementitious material is designed to be sprayed over concrete and other surfaces with a specially modified paint gun. And like a thin coat of paint, it will conform to the finish of the smooth or textured surface, changing only the color.

Concrete Solutions Spray-Top makes for clean lines leading up to this entry.

Unlike many of the other resurfacing materials on the market today, this polymer-modified cement requires no special skills to apply and no extensive training to use. If you can operate conventional painting equipment you can apply Spray-Top along with the best of them. This versatile product can be used to resurface smooth, broom-swept or stamped concrete to a like-new condition — with one thin coat. When surfaces are properly prepared or treated with the apprpriate prime coat sealer, as specified by Concrete Solutions, Inc., Spray-Top easily covers unsightly cracks, oil or rust stains, discoloration or other surface blemishes.

After Spray-Top is sprayed over stamped concrete, contractors may opt to use a simple antiquing method developed by Concrete Solutions to give the job more depth of color, followed by a topcoat of stamped concrete sealer. The resurfacing product also may be used prior to applying an acid stain on interior floors. For more information, call Concrete Solutions at (800) 232-8311.

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