PVC Pipe, Leftover Diamonds, Paint and Chalk Put to Work on Decorative Concrete Jobs

Make line cuts with a Dremel rotary tool
Using a Dremel hand-held rotary tool for freehand line cuts in decorative concrete greatly decreases the time it takes and increases the accuracy of the cut. It is a small rotary tool with high rpm, and it’s relatively easy on the budget. The tool is also great when used with a sandpaper tip for cleaning off dirty grout lines in ceramic tile. It will even help you clean stain off polyurea joints for polished concrete.

Protect your cords with PVC
Use PVC pipe for cord protection and cord management. Fit the cord through lengths of pipe. The pipe can move freely on the floor, reducing the abrasion on the rubber outer liner of the cord. You can use pipe clamps to isolate the pipe for even better cord management. This will help the operator control the cord close to the grinder or scarifier.

During preplanning, tag trouble spots with orange marking paint
During the pre-job walk-through of a new project, have the bidder use orange marking paint to identify potential hazards in the floor. These could include old electrical junction boxes and bolts that have been cut flush for anchored machines. The orange paint should be visible in dim light situations. This will reduce downtime for equipment and repairs. A can of orange marking paint is cheaper than a new tool plate.

Use white chalk for decorative applications
When marking the floor for stain or stencil layout, use white chalk. This is a neutral pigment that will not stain the floor. It blends well with gray or white portland cement and will not leave ghost lines from the layout on the floor.

What to do with leftover and mismatched diamonds
If you have a lot of leftover, mismatched diamonds, use them for a heavy-removal situation. You can use different grit sizes, but be sure the thicknesses of the diamond segments are relatively close to each other, or the grinder may run unbalanced. This is a great way of stretching your diamond cost and also cleans out more space in the truck and warehouse.

Grind old ceramic or terra cotta tile
A Kut-Rite BevelKut diamond tool can be used to grind old ceramic or terra cotta tile too. The bevel on the side of the segment reduces fracturing or chipping of the tile. A lot of money can be saved with this technique. It reduces the amount of filler that would be used to fix or flatten the joint and edge. The floor can then be topcoated and sealed, or just sealed for an industrial look.

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