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The New Finishers Edge - Metal Straight Edge for Cutting Concrete

The Finishers Edge is a new “straight-edge” cutting system designed to provide fast, affordable and a highly simplified means for cutting straight lines in concrete. Enclosed in a durable carrying case, the Finishers Edge comes with five stainless steel tracks; a 2', 3', 5', and (2) x 10' pieces. Included is a nylon puck specifically designed to attach to your existing skill saw. The puck, once attached to the saw, slips into the steel track to provide smooth and effortless operation.

The design of the track prevents the saw from pitching on uneven surfaces and keeps the saw perpendicular to the concrete at all times. The track also keeps the saw off the concrete surface, avoiding any surface abrasions to the concrete. The Finishers Edge, designed by a professional concrete worker and used in the field for more than five years, is a testament to its usefulness and ability to cut up to 1,000 feet of concrete per day.

With no moving parts, you simply snap a line, set the track and cut. After use, the tools can be cleaned up in a matter of seconds. The Finishers Edge company is currently working on a new easy-curve cut system to be released later in the Fall. For more information call Brain Honcoop at 360-738-8549 or visit their web site at

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