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ZipWall's Pioneering "Dust Wall" System Isolates Concrete Dust in Work Areas

Contain dust from construction jobs with a plastic wall surroundIt doesn’t matter how good your dust recovery system may be, but when it comes to working indoors a dust control barrier system is imperative to maintaining clean and happy customers. ZipWall is the award-winning product that offers an effective method to isolating the dust and debris that’s associated with concrete cutting, profiling, or other applications. The ZipWall system is available in both 12 foot and 20 foot pole lengths.

The ZipWall system is flexible enough to accommodate variously sized spaces; lightweight and portable; easy-to-assemble and virtually airtight. The ZipWall system consists of two telescoping, twist-lock ZipWall poles topped with the patented ZipWall jack. The ZipWall jack locks the screening material firmly against the ceiling with a special slip-resistant lock plate, mounted on a ball-joint assembly. The foot of the pole keeps it snug along the floor. The work area may be screened off with inexpensive plastic sheeting, light canvas tarp or drop cloth. Stretch the screening material tightly from one pole to the next to create a smooth neat-looking wall. One person can construct a 12 foot — or — 20 foot long ZipWall dust barrier in less than a minute.

ZipWall is available from a growing list of selected distributors, listed on the web site at For further information, contact the manufacturer at 1-800- 718-2255 or visit ZipWall’s web site.

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