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Plastiform Flexible Plastic Forms for Curved Concrete

Flexible plastic forms laid out make for a dynamic back porch settingForming requirements for decorative concrete often involve radius and curved sections. Plastiform™ concrete forms can be used to set up curves as small as a 3-foot bend radius. The forms are very quick to setup using a cam-lock clamp that fastens the forms to stakes. The clamp can be twisted in anywhere along the slot on the back side of the form in a few seconds. And the forms have end connectors to link the forms together in long sections.

Plastiform forms have a very easy cam-lock clamp that fastens the forms to the concrete stakes.Plastiform™ is excellent for free-forming as the forms bend both ways so the stakes are always outside the poured concrete. Forming crews will quickly notice the forms lightweight construction as comparable with heavier wood materials. The smooth surfaces include silicon to help for easier cleanup especially when using a form release. Products are made with UV protection and will last for years and hundreds of uses.

Plastiform™ forms come in a variety of sizes (3.5", 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" face height) and lengths (12" and 15" long). The stake spacing for the forms is every 2.5 to 3 feet and they can be stacked as well.

For information, call at (800) 358-3007 or visit the Plastiform Company Web site.

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