Sparkle Grain System for Eye-Catching Concrete

Sparkle Grain System concrete finish can be applied with color hardeners or by itself to help with slip resistance and aesthetics.The Sparkle Grain System is an eye-catching, black sparkle concrete finish that can be applied with color hardeners or by itself.It aids with slip resistance and is designed for sidewalks, driveways, ramps, public buildings, wineries, schools, etc., to name a few. It is an iridescent black silicon carbide and has the number 2480 on the Knoop hardness scale which is next to diamond in hardness. It is also non-rusting.

A good method for placement is to use the Sparkle Grain (16 mesh) and mix it in with a topical color hardener and broadcast by hand. Immediately after the surface has been leveled and wood floated, and before the bleed water has appeared the Sparkle Grain should be applied evenly while there is sufficient moisture in the slab to saturate at least two dust on coats.

Sparkle Grain System placed on concrete is non-rustingAfter the color hardener and Sparkle Grain have been troweled in another topping coat of the Sparkle Grain, by itself, can be dusted on and troweled in. The following day a 5% to 10% muriatic solution is then applied to the surface exposing the Sparkle Grain finish. The grain is brilliant in the sunlight and the Sparkle Grain will twinkle and dance with the sunlight.

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