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Applying an Overlay Over an Overlay

When applying overlays over overlays, certain tools and techniques can make the job easier. Here are a few that might work for you:

Over a stamped surface, it saves time and material to knock down the high spots first before floating a leveling product.
Scott Wyatt, Floric Polytech Inc.

I always recommend using at least a water-based epoxy for a primer and putting the cementitious overlay into the primer tacky. This promotes tremendous chemical adhesion.
Trevor Foster, Miracote Products

Most toppings that are self-leveling or “stampable” are placed with a gage rake similar to the one Mid-West Rake provides. The finishing process is usually performed with a smoothing paddle, fresno, funny trowel or hand trowel depending on the material’s consistency.
Scott Thome, L.M. Scofield Co.

When putting down a base coat, use a three-foot squeegee. It gets you up on your feet away from the work, so you can spread material nice and flat, faster.
Scott Wyatt, Floric Polytech Inc.

Squeegees work great with very thin microtoppings, but I’m a fan of a troweled-down look. I like the Magic Trowel, a tool that leaves a very consistent surface that looks like a sweat finish.
Brian Vicari, The Concrete Colorist

If applying over a colored overlayment, i.e. chemical stained, topical stained, dyed, etc., make sure your system will be thick enough or dark enough to hide existing color underneath.
Trevor Foster, Miracote Products

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