Concrete Coatings

Coatings are liquid or semi-liquid mixtures applied to cured concrete to make it more aesthetically pleasing, improve its durability, boost its longevity and/or reduce upkeep and repairs.

There’s a Learning Curve with Polyaspartics and Concrete

This floor in a Select Milk Producers Inc. facility features SikaFloor 510 LPL, a clear two-component, solvent-free, high-solids, low-viscosity, poly¬≠aspartic resin system. The polyaspartic is designed to be installed as a clear topcoat over a quartz or flake broadcast system where a low-VOC, quick-cure, UV-resistant finish coat is necessary. It […]

Finding the Sweet Spot Among Acrylic Sealers and Acrylic Urethanes

Contractors have relied on acrylic sealers for decades to protect concrete flooring systems, and for good reason. In the right conditions, these sealers offer optimal durability, stain resistance and a desirable “wet look” finish. However, they have their limitations too and aren’t always the ideal option for high-traffic areas and environments with extreme hazards.