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Concrete Coatings

Are You Afraid to Seal Concrete?

Serene setting at a upscale hotel where luxurious lounge chair sit atop a stamped concrete pool deck.I firmly believe that the lifeblood of our industry is new and innovative products that continue to move the decorative market forward. A close second, the oxygen of our industry, is word-of-mouth advertising by satisfied clients who have had their expectations met.

Should You Stop Sealing Concrete?

concrete sealer creates a glossy sheen on this concrete floor.However, is it possible that sealing necessity is not a necessity at all? Could it be that all the hoopla on sealing concrete is being motivated by glossy pictures causing new contractors to assume this is an industry standard?

How Can You Minimize Sealer Slipperiness on Concrete?

Sealing a concrete patioUsing grit additives has become the most common method for reducing slipperiness when sealing decorative concrete flatwork on exterior walking surfaces. The grit additives are mixed into the sealer, then the gritty sealer is applied to the concrete. However, in this situation the weather was too cold to reseal the concrete. So another method needs to be used until springtime arrives and temperatures rise.

Sprawling Aged Concrete Meets its Endurable Match

Concrete floor restoration in Nebraska's Timpte Manufacturing Plant filled in gouges, holes and cracks in the concrete.It wasn’t long after Shawn MacDonald heard about a promising new concrete floor restoration system that he encountered a project that figured to be a good candidate for putting the system to the test.

Proper Testing Can Pinpoint Moisture Problems in Concrete

When you're called in to decorate a concrete floor, measuring twice isn't necessary, but do measure the moisture in that slab before proceeding.When you’re relaxing with a woodworking project in your garage, an important adage is “Measure twice, cut once.”

When you’re called in to decorate a concrete floor, measuring twice isn’t necessary, but do measure the moisture in that slab before proceeding.

Companies Donate Materials and Time to Help Homeless Families

Companies Donate Materials and Time to Help Homeless FamiliesInspired by the pro bono work done on the Bannister House last year during the Concrete Decor Show in San Diego, Jodi Cain of Quest Building Products began looking for ways she and her fellow employees could use their skills and services to give back to their community in Southern California.

From Simple and Chic to Bubbly and Sleek, Concrete Shines in San Diego

using various sized grinder attachments and following a mapped out custom design, each bubble was created by hand. Similar results could have been obtained with stencils or tape,Brian Oberman, who has been in the concrete industry for 25 years, merged his company with Life Deck Coating Installations about three and a half years ago. Today, as general manager, he’s had the chance to work on projects such as Coasterra, the Beach Terrace Inn and Westroot Tavern.

An Epoxy Chip Garage Done Right

Jeff Bach epoxy chip garage floor coating by Westcoat.Hats off to Jeff Bach of Bach Custom Coatings of Oregon City, Oregon, for being the concrete highlight of the recent Street of Dreams, an annual showcase of new luxury homes in Portland that was held this past summer. This was the third Street of Dreams Bach has participated in.

How to Seal Concrete for a Uniform Appearance

Sealing concrete with a consistent coverage is important for the overall finish of the decorative concrete project.This issue of blotchy and inconsistent color and gloss created by a sealer is not that uncommon. There are multiple factors that can create this appearance, but the two most common are application — how the sealer was applied — and surface — what the sealer is being applied to in regard to density and porosity.

How to Waterproof Concrete Showers and Tubs

Sand colored concrete bathtub with subway tile surround sits away from the wall.Installing concrete in often-wet areas such as baths and showers demands more of a concrete contractor. It requires a different type of preparation and construction from counters and even sinks, so contractors would do well to understand the specifics.

Choosing the Right Roller Sleeve or Roller Cover

The perfect roller sleeve for use with floor finishes, sealers, paints, stains, epoxies and waxes.A roller sleeve or cover is commonly thought of as something found in a painter’s toolbox rather than a concrete contractor’s. However, rolling sealants and colors onto (and into) concrete has become an increasingly popular option in decorative concrete applications.

Choosing and Placing Your Tape Carefully

Two rolls of tape on a concrete background.When it comes to the application of decorative concrete finishes, it is the smallest (tackiest) details that will make or break your project.

We always have on hand different kinds of tape: three sizes of blue (painter’s) tapes, black tape, and when all else fails, duct tape.

A Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor in a Michigan Art Gallery

Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor A funny thing happened on the way home from the grocery store, says Troy Lemon, president of Cornerstone Decorative Concrete in Holland, Michigan. It all started when he and his son, Josh, stumbled upon an art studio in their own tiny village of Fennville.

Should You Coat Concrete or Not?

Polished concrete coating shows foot traffic patterns in the middle of this box store's aisle shows where the semi-topical sealer has worn off the concrete in a short time. From huge industrial manufacturing plants and nationwide retail stores to restaurants and residences across the country, polished concrete has become a very popular flooring option over the last decade.

What Causes Hot-tire Pickup on Stamped Concrete?

Example of hot-tire pick up on stamped concrete driveway and how to prevent sealer sticking to tires The issue of car tires pulling sealer from concrete is known as “hot-tire pickup.” The initial conclusion most people make when they hear “hot-tire pickup” is that a hot tire is melting the sealer and causing it to peel off the concrete.

Use of Penetrating Sealers on Concrete is on the Rise

dull concrete surface being enhanced with penetrating sealerThe decorative industry grew up on the “one size fits all” high-gloss sealer which was the go-to coating for decades. While high gloss is still widely used, low-gloss and natural finishes in the decorative concrete industry have been gaining momentum as homeowners, architects and designers seek more ecofriendly, green and natural-looking sealing options.

Should You Reseal Exterior Decorative Concrete?

peeling concrete with white patchy detailsResealing exterior stamped concrete, stained concrete or decorative concrete is probably the most misunderstood and least-studied process in our industry. It has the potential to be a repeat revenue stream or a headache that never really goes away.

Align Floor Coatings with Project Objectives

Metallic epoxy coating rich terracotta with a splash of purpleThe diverse array of coating technologies gives specifiers and users plenty of choices. How, then, to proceed?

Wow Factor Achieved on Cleveland Cavaliers Team Shop Floor

The Team Shop floor was coated with Duraamen products to achieve the color and lines of a basketball.If someone wanted to prove that decorative concrete is the ideal way to create a show-stopping floor, mentioning the Cleveland Cavaliers Team Shop would be a great way to do it.

Indianapolis Microbrewery Embraces Concrete Coatings

A sun king emblem on a concrete floor.A new case study from Dur-A-Flex touts the usefulness of its Poly-Crete cementitious urethane system in the beverage industry. The coating system stands up to beer spills, forklifts, dropped kegs, and all the other trauma that comes with the brewing territory.

Eliminating Color Spots in Microtoppings

Among his crew's jobsite tools is a big commercial blender, the stainless steel type used in bars and restaurants. Color powder is measured in with acetone and a little water, then blended, beaten, whipped and frapped to a fine liquid. "The acetone breaks everything down and melts the color," Smith says.Are you seeing spots? How to get rid of spots when adding color to your microtoppings.

Calvary Christian School Art Room, Holland, Mich.

Concrete Overlay of a yellow sunflower in Christian school in MichiganWhat better place is there to experiment with various decorative concrete techniques than in a high-school art classroom?

Tips and Techniques for Broadcasting Mica Flake

Rolling mica flakes onto a concrete floor.Jimmy McGhee, who handles sales and technical support for Versatile Building Products, here offers his own unique tips and techniques for distributing mica flake on a flooring job.

Opaque Epoxy Coatings for Concrete Floors

Roll out epoxy floor coatings in your garage adding a bit of fun with mica chips.Sometimes paint is simply the best choice for a concrete floor.

Metallic Epoxies Shine Bright in Car Dealership

A floor in a new-car showroom should be as luxurious as the merchandise. Epoxy with metallic effects fit the bill here.A floor in a new-car showroom should be as luxurious as the merchandise. Epoxy with metallic effects fit the bill here.