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Contemporary Art Deco Decorative Concrete Garage

To achieve the charcoal hue, he combined black quartz granules at a 75 percent ratio and smoke quartz granules at a 25 percent ratio, then added gold metallic flakes (Sulyn Industries' Gold Craft Glitter) at 5 percent of the blend.ick Fischer’s technical knowledge and artistic abilities make him a double threat in the decorative concrete world. He began his career in custom automobile painting and restoration, then moved into decorative paint finishes in commercial and residential spaces.

The Nanotechnology Trend in Decorative Concrete: Hype or Reality?

Green and purple microscopic looking spheres.Nanotechnology is everywhere. It seems to be the new buzzword in the decorative concrete industry. Now, nanotechnology has become the magic ingredient in any number of sealers, coatings and stains. I This article explores exactly what nanotechnology is and what benefits it brings to the decorative industry.

Revive Color Refresher from L. M. Scofield Co.

A close up look of control joints on a red concrete patio.It’s a fact we have to face — everything ages. And colored concrete is not immune. Sometimes it fades to a soft, mellow color, but often it just becomes dull and lifeless. Or worse, later repairs and additions don’t match.

Don't Get Burned: Safety While Using UV-Cured Concrete Coatings

First and foremost, using ultraviolet curing equipment requires diligent safety practices. John Wilson, president of SPDI UV and, compares it to "a welder's flash on steroids." Sunglasses and long-sleeved shirts are not enough. UV emitted by curing equipment can be many times brighter than the sun, according to Richard Mandich, UV products account manger for Jelight Co. Inc. and foremost, using ultraviolet curing equipment for concrete coatings requires diligent safety practices. Compare it to "a welder's flash on steroids." Sunglasses and long-sleeved shirts are not enough. UV emitted by curing equipment can be many times brighter than the sun.

Debunking Common Decorative Concrete Myths

Concrete overlay that has flaked off due to improper surface preparation.“Just apply a decorative overlay and it will hide everything.” Or, “Use acid to strip that sealer.” These are just a couple of the myths or just plain wrong recommendations concrete contractors may have come across recently.

Foundation Armor Before and After of Stamped Concrete Floor

The after look has a glossy sheen that makes the different heights shine.A stamped concrete floor with a solvent-based acrylic that was applied one year ago. The applicator wanted to see what the floor would look like with Armor Blush Repair and Armor AR350 sealer before doing the entire floor.

Virtual Ice Rink Created With Concrete Overlay

The floor of the Canada Sports Hall of Fame was transformed using epoxies into a virtual ice rink.Happenstance led Tyson Long, president of Calgary-based Hardscapes Inc., to the new location of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame museum in Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park, where he used white and clear epoxy coatings to transform the floor of the museum’s ice-hockey exhibit room into a virtual ice rink.

How to Remove Paint, Rust Stains, Adhesives & Oil from Concrete

Paint puckers as soy based paint removed penetrates and lifts the paint off the concrete.Many decorative jobs require cleaning up an existing slab. Here’s a look at products that remove paint, rust, adhesives or grease.

Decorative Concrete Contractors Reveal Why They're Into Metallics

Garage floor coating that was achieved using metallic epoxy in a checkerboard pattern.One nice thing about a metallic coating, in contrast to acid stains or dyes, is its ability to fully cover cracks and other defects, regardless of their size. Lemon says he’s also been using metallic pigments as accents in microtoppings to get certain shading and highlighting effects.

Lightweight Concrete Topping Provides Seamless Walls and Flooring

concrete walls with stairs. Honestone Seamless Flooring Systems in Tuggerah, New South Wales, is responsible for some of Australia's most cutting-edge decorative concrete projects. Honestone Seamless Flooring Systems in Tuggerah, New South Wales, is responsible for some of Australia’s most cutting-edge decorative concrete projects.

Penny-coated Floor Adds Flash to Georgia Home

Pennies coating an entire concrete floor.When we saw these photos, we asked artisan Jason Thorn what was up with all the pennies. He emailed back, ““Cool client! Let me get creatively stupid.”

Broadcasting Aggregate into Coatings for Safety and Beauty

A slip resistant floor coating for busy commercial applications.Many contractors are used to hearing this line from their clients: “I want a floor that’s slip-resistant, but I also want it to be easy to clean.”

Unique Challenges of using UV-Cured Concrete Coatings

Coatings that cure when exposed to ultraviolet light pose unique challenges for artisans and contractors, but the performance and cure speed of these materials may make them worth it.Coatings that cure when exposed to ultraviolet light pose unique challenges for artisans and contractors, but the performance and cure speed of these materials may make them worth it.

Are You Afraid to Seal Concrete?

Serene setting at a upscale hotel where luxurious lounge chair sit atop a stamped concrete pool deck.I firmly believe that the lifeblood of our industry is new and innovative products that continue to move the decorative market forward. A close second, the oxygen of our industry, is word-of-mouth advertising by satisfied clients who have had their expectations met.

Comparing Thick-Build Concrete Sealers to Thin-Build Concrete Sealers

Applying a decorative concrete sealerThe market for concrete sealers is vast and it seems that there is almost every imaginable way to protect and enhance concrete floors. For the purpose of this article we are going to discuss two options that involve a clear sealer.

Decorative Concrete Products That Help Control Heat

Thermometer outside on a stake.Here are a few products designed specifically to help cool down exterior concrete surfaces.

The Growing Popularity of Metallic Coatings

A red metallic epoxy on a room with a black leather couch.Thanks to new products and growing consumer interest, metallic-infused concrete coatings have everyone’s attention

How Can You Minimize Sealer Slipperiness on Concrete?

Sealing a concrete patioUsing grit additives has become the most common method for reducing slipperiness when sealing decorative concrete flatwork on exterior walking surfaces. The grit additives are mixed into the sealer, then the gritty sealer is applied to the concrete. However, in this situation the weather was too cold to reseal the concrete. So another method needs to be used until springtime arrives and temperatures rise.

Concrete in Cold Weather

Patio in cold weather that had to be planned perfectly due to weather.Concrete Decor asked artisans around the country about their experiences installing projects during cold weather. They faced freezing temperatures, snowy weather, and even challenges indoors during cold spells. Each artisan found his own solution for handling work during the winter months.

Why Do High-Performance Coatings Outperform Sealers?

A pile of toothpicks on a red background.High-performance or high-build coatings offer a higher level of performance than thin-build sealers. A brilliant insight, I know. But in reality, the statement often sums up most of what many people know about high-performance coatings compared to thin-build sealers.

Nashville Nightclub Receives Decorative Coating Makeover

Overlay floor in blues and maroon in Nashville, Tenn.The historical structure that now houses the Nashville Dinner Theatre has always attracted attention. During Prohibition times, people slyly used a tunnel in the building to transport alcohol to area nightclubs. Today, it attracts crowds for its dinner shows and performances by local vocalists.

Meld releases surfacing material
Wow Factor Achieved on Cleveland Cavaliers Team Shop Floor

The Team Shop floor was coated with Duraamen products to achieve the color and lines of a basketball.If someone wanted to prove that decorative concrete is the ideal way to create a show-stopping floor, mentioning the Cleveland Cavaliers Team Shop would be a great way to do it.

Choosing a Nonslip Additive for Your Floor Coating

The texture of a floor coating is usually adjusted by using some type of particle or grit to improve slip resistance.Of the many responsibilities that a contracting company takes on when it accepts a floor coating job, none is more important than designing for safe footing once the area has returned to service.

UV Cured Coatings for Concrete are Back in the Mix

 UV Cure Coatings for ConcreteConcrete artisans and contractors are always searching for the ideal coating, but end-users and equipment manufacturers are behind the latest push for one specific coating formulation — UV-cure.