There’s an Overlay for Most Any Occasion

Installing overlays onto existing concrete is a cost-effective way to update concrete surfaces by eliminating tear-out costs, minimizing product expense and reducing the manpower needed to overhaul the look and integrity of the existing surface.

Overlays for concrete today run the gamut, so there are plenty to choose from. The following is just a sample of the products available that can help you finish the job.

T1000 Stampable Overlay

T1000 Stampable OverlayButterfield Color’s T1000 Stampable Overlay gives an old, worn or out­dated surface new life with a thin cementitious coating which can be integrally colored, stained, stamped or textured. It’s freeze-thaw stable. You also can install it on existing structurally sound interior or exterior slabs.
(800) 282-3388

Spectrum Re-Kote TF

Designed to resurface deteriorated concrete surfaces, Spectrum Re-Kote TF from W.R. Meadows is a single-component, polymer-modified cementitious concrete repair mortar that hardens rapidly. As a resurfacer, which contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor, it creates a trowel texture finish and you can featheredge it up to ½-inch deep. As a mortar suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead repairs, you can use it from a featheredge to 2-inches deep depending on the aggregate.

Easy to use and versatile, Spectrum Re-Kote TF produces a horizontal repaired surface suitable for rubber-wheeled traffic. For overhead or vertical use, it’s an ideal choice for smoothing rough surfaces, repairing honeycombs and dressing up bug holes.

When mixed, the product’s creamy consistency provides an excellent skim coating for swimming pools, concrete walls and balconies. Because of its bond strength, breathable properties and freeze-thaw resistance, you may use Spectrum Re-Kote TF for either interior and/or exterior surfaces that are below-, above- or on-grade.
(800) 342-5976

Miracote Mirastamp

Miracote Mirastamp Designed to be used in conjunction with conventional concrete stamping tools, color and sealer, Miracote Mirastamp can restore or transform old existing concrete to produce a distinctive architectural paving finish. The two-component, polymer-modified, thin-stamped cementitious overlayment has very high compressive strength, making it well-suited to withstand the wear and tear of commercial vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Combined with its excellent adhesion, freeze/thaw resistance, and tensile and flexural properties, Mirastamp is a good option for both interior and exterior applications in any climate.
(310) 886-9100

Supercap SC650-MC

Supercap SC650-MCLaticrete Supercap SC650-MC is a premium pumpable and pourable self-leveling cementitious overlay that can be tinted. Primarily, one uses this to finish interior concrete and also level uneven floor surfaces. However, you can also use it as a high-performance self-leveling underlayment. With high-strength properties, it provides a durable, low-maintenance and attractive salt-and-pepper look. You can also polish SC650-MC to a finished wear-surface for striking results in as little as 24 hours.
(800) 243-4788

MicroTop Mix

MicroTop MixMicroTop Mix by Stone Edge Surfaces is a strong, easy-to-use, heavily polymerized cementitious product designed to be applied either horizontally or vertically as a base coat or a smooth finish topcoat. You can also apply it with a mortar sprayer or roll on with a nap roller.

You can use this overlay to recolor or rejuvenate old, worn or discolored concrete surfaces that are textured, stamped or carved. Additionally, you can also use MicroTop on other cementitious products, such as existing stone veneer and ready-mix concrete surfaces. You can enhance the mix with pigments integrally, colored topically with the company’s Liquid Colors, or colored with both stains and dyes.
(844) 786-6333


Level-ItEnhance and level unsightly, irregular concrete floors with Westcoat’s Level-It, a self-leveling flooring system that can be stained, sealed and finished in a variety of ways. It offers a high-build, quick-drying solution for uneven interior floors. Level-It is a good option for both commercial and residential environments including private residences, sunrooms, offices, restaurants, showrooms, and environments with foot and light-wheel traffic.
(800) 250-4519


SureSpraySureSpray is SureCrete’s No. 1-selling overlay for more than 20 years. It is the first single-component overlay the company made. The formula allows for both textured and smooth concrete overlayment finishes. Today, contractors use SureSpray to create elegant finishes with textured and stenciled patterns including woodgrain, euro-stone, bubble and stipple. You can apply it via trowel, squeegee or spray. Typical venues where SureSpray is preferred are multifamily housing patios, shopping centers, restaurant floors, pool decks, game rooms and man-caves. SureSpray is available throughout North America, Canada, the Caribbean, South America and the Middle East. Additionally, contractors have used this product on multiple projects in Africa, Australia and China.
(352) 567-7973


Rosalia - overlays onto existing concreteThe Rosalia Microtopping System from Kingdom Products is a high-performance, two-component, cementitious overlay designed for interior or exterior use. When applied to a properly prepared surface, you can achielve any floor profile desired, including glass smooth, spray-down/knock-down or stimpled finishes.

This product is available in three different grades and offered in white or gray. You can apply Rosalia to achieve numerous effects through various methods using stains, dyes and pigmenting techniques.

As well as being an excellent base for logos, graphics and epoxies, you can trowel Rosalia on vertical surfaces, including shower walls, to create a precast or plaster look. In combination with pigments and stains, Rosalia is ideal for creating realistic wood-grain textures.
(570) 489-6025


Micro-Crete - overlays onto existing concrete by EuclidMicro-Crete by Euclid Chemical’s Increte Systems brand is a single-component, micro-topping designed for interior and exterior application. Perfect for hiding repairs or transforming dull, old surfaces into brand-new looking concrete, this versatile topping allows for broom finishes for a nonslip exterior surface. It also allows for one to trowel smoothly to enhance interior slabs. Due to its polymer-modified formula, this cementitious topping is easy to mix and easy to use. You can apply it as thin as a featheredge or build it up by adding multiple layers.

Micro-Crete is fast setting and will accept foot traffic in 24 hours. It cures to 4,000 psi (27 MPa) for both extended durability and low maintenance. For added interest, the overlay comes in both white and gray formulas. This provides a fresh canvas for coloring with either acid stains, dyes or integral pigments.
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Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve a home’s curb appeal, Quikrete’s Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer may be your answer.

It’s an affordable alternative to tearing out old and worn concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios and replacing them. A special blend of portland cement, graded sand, polymer resins and other proprietary additives, this overlay is four times stronger than regular concrete. This means the concrete surfaces being renewed will fracture or crack before their bond with Re-Cap will break.

The resurfacer is a proven shrinkage-compensated repair material for making thin structural repairs to sound concrete in need of surface renewal. Applied with either a squeegee, trowel or brush, one 40-pound bag will cover approximately 20 square feet at ¼-inch thick or approximately 90 square feet as a skim coat. You can walk on the renewed concrete in eight hours. Additionally, you can drive on it in 24.
(404) 634-9100

GSPEC (Green Self-leveling Polyurethane-Epoxy Cement)

There’s got to be a first for everything and GSPEC heads up the environmentally friendly category as the first “green” epoxy-urethane cement overlay that contains no isocyanates and no VOCs. GSPEC tots that the self-leveling decorative overlay from Green Chemistry Innovations will not crack or stain. Additionally, the company says that it produces a natural polished concrete look when finished. It has the durability of a urethane, the chemical resistance of an epoxy and is also naturally antimicrobial.

The product differentiates itself from terrazzo in that you can apply it with a gauge rake. You can then back roll it with a nap roller and polish it within 24 hours. But the look is more like a beautiful polished concrete, without the typical challenges of microfracture, staining and color drift that you often get with self-leveling concrete.
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Aggretex - overlays onto existing concreteWith its flexibility, control and predictability, Aggretex systems offer contractors multiple cutting-edge design options for decorative concrete overlays. You can either install this wet-on-wet over the system’s Smashed products or place it wet-on-dry over existing concrete. Aggretex’s Smashed line features 19 base colors with pigment and aggregates. You can either use the product straight from the bag or combine it with other aggregates of your choosing.

For interior projects, Aggretex’s InteriorEFX offers stunning results as a self-leveling, polishable overlay. Integrally colored, the overlay simplifies things for installers by eliminating the guesswork from the job-site chemistry and delivering consistent results. By laying down a fresh canvas with Aggretex’s InteriorEFX, contractors can eliminate unsightly plumbing trenches, adhesive ghosting and variations in aggregate exposure. The line features 13 standard integral colors ready you can pour it right out of the bag.
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