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Concrete Polished Floor for Nike Retail Store in Puerto Rico

Polished concrete floor in a Nike retail store in Puerto RicoPolishing concrete on a tropical island may sound like a dream job, but there are some challenges to working in this environment. Brian Chafins is a project foreman at Preferred Global, where he maintains production levels on flooring projects and manages job installs.

Green building - Hype or Hope?

Green building through the use of concrete is playing a major role in the way many modern-day projects fit together.I'm not exactly the poster boy for the LEED program, as you can guess. However, with so much chatter about "sustainable sites" and "Energy Star scores" these days, I was kind of thinking it might be a good time to clear the air.

Understanding Polished Concrete

A look at a polished concrete floor in a modern office with industrial stairs in the background.Our economy has taken a dive into the deep end, affecting some regions more than others, but generally affecting us all. So now is a good time to reflect on what exactly polished concrete is, and where polished concrete came from.

Why Narrow Margins Plague Polished Concrete Contractors

Polished concrete in a hallway at a school.As time has gone along, polished concrete has picked up market share and damaged contracting companies at the same time. If the profit margins of this industry do not rebound soon the fear is that polished concrete will become an extremely rare and specialized process.

Tips for Polishing Preexisting Concrete Floors Profitably

Tips for polishing concrete and how to be profitable.If I were a contractor I would take “preexisting” projects over new projects every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Decorative Concrete Showing Up In Retail Spaces Nationwide

From department stores to convenience stores, decorative concrete is turning up in retail spaces across the country.From department stores to convenience stores, decorative concrete is turning up in retail spaces across the country.

Polished Concrete In Schools: A Guide for Contractors and Clients

Polished concrete hallway in a school.School flooring has long been the domain of carpet and vinyl.

That’s changing. Officials who run elementary and secondary schools (and even colleges) are becoming aware of concrete flooring as an option. And concrete flooring professionals have begun to notice schools as a market.

Will Better Understanding of Polishing Help Us Reach Our Full Potential?

A full palette of concrete dye colors have been placed in this polished concrete to show the different options to clients.We’ve grown up, and now we have to act accordingly, and in unison, for our industry to reach its true potential. We all need to truly understand the process.

CSDA Releases Industry Standard and Best Practice Documents for Polished Concrete

csda headerIn response to requests by architects and engineers to resolve consistency issues associated with quality levels achieved by polished concrete surfaces, the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association has released two technical documents — an industry standard and a Best Practice.

Integrally Colored Concrete in Today's Economy

Outdoor patio that was colored with integrally colored concrete.The first decade of the 21st century has been pretty huge for integral color. For one thing, decorative concrete as a whole has taken huge strides in terms of market share, and more decorative concrete means more integral color.

White Concrete Poses Particular Challenges for Installers

Space in JC Penney was a challenge with the white concrete used.The biggest issue contractors confronted during J.C. Penney Co.’s Wave 2 of renovations in August concerned the whiteness of the Izod shops’ burnished floors.

Vertical Polished Concrete Inspires Innovators

On the job site preparing to polish concrete vertically at a church.What do you do when your client asks for polished concrete walls? Not many contractors have responded to that request in the affirmative so far, but some are starting to ask, “Why not?”

Compete for Work, But Do It Respectfully

Football players practicing in the sunset.One of the major issues that I have noticed in the decorative concrete industry is that most contractors in our business do not seem to have any respect for each other. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part this statement is true across the board.

Art Museum Installs Polished Concrete Floors to Enhance Exhibits

A pit of black rocks sits underneath the stairwell.At the Tampa Museum of Art, all eyes are on the compelling paintings, photographs and sculptures. And the building itself evokes an essence that’s subtle and serene so as not to detract from the art on display.

Putting a Silica Dust Plan in Writing

Large concrete polishing machine creating slurry from the dust and water mixing.It’s probably not an attitude shared by everyone, but Tom Martin, job site safety director for Diama-Shield LLC in Troy, Michigan, believes OSHA is there to help contractors.

Can Burnishing Sometimes Be the Better Finish?

The word about polished concrete is out and we have done a great job of promoting the industry. Polished concrete is growing.It is easy to understand the benefits of polished concrete. The word about polished concrete is out and we have done a great job of promoting the industry. Polished concrete is growing. The marketing has been great and many contractors are jumping on board. And the consumers are seeing a great product.

Are Your Diamond Concrete Polishing Pads Open for Business?

Resin bond diamond polishing pads for concreteWhen polishing concrete using resin- or metal-bonded diamond abrasives, how do you know that the diamonds under your machine are functioning effectively?

Contractors Strike Gold Polishing Driveways

Polishing concrete driveways is a great way to get extra cash.

Polishing contractors take note: There may be a future in grinding and sealing concrete driveways.

Recipe: River Rock And Roll Polished Concrete

Polished concrete hallway using the river rock and roll recipeThis complex interior treatment pairs a multihued pattern of polished concrete with natural river-stone borders and detailing.

The Drive is On to Optimize Power Trowel Concrete Polishing

The Drive is On to Optimize Power Trowel PolishingBrad Obbink went all-in as a polished concrete contractor a few years ago, discarding the paint pot and brush and hitching his fortunes to the concrete grinder/polisher, for better or worse.

Making Maintenance an Integral Part of Your Concrete Business

Add concrete maintenance to your construction business and you will see a big return.Polished and decorative concrete floor installations accounted for only about a quarter of our business as of the start of this year. Most of our revenues were coming from cleaning, maintenance and restoration services.

Reflecting on Polished Concrete and How To Continue Improving Your Skills

A person climbing steps- looking to get better with every lesson and every job.We're good, but we're not perfect. Once we start thinking that we know everything, or that polished concrete is right for every situation, then we are in trouble. In this economy, we cannot afford a single misstep. Now is the time to focus on running a business correctly, and that includes being aboveboard and ethical in dealings with our customers and vendors.

Sparkling Wine with Polished Concrete Floors to Match

Polished Concrete floor in a winery is the perfect complement to the wooden walls.Anthony Allen, owner of the largest winery in Maryland, knew he wanted a very special floor for his newly renovated wine-tasting and banquet rooms, located in a former dairy barn.

Cutting-Edge Concrete Densifiers

Densifying concrete can improve color as well as performance. These innovative materials will help you firm up your surface.Densifying concrete can improve color as well as performance. These innovative materials will help you firm up your surface.

Historic Church's Stunning Architecture Renewed with Concrete

concrete makeover in a churchAn Australian company that specializes in polished concrete and seamless flooring and wall solutions, Honestone, recently completed restoration to give the church new life. The church, which has been affectionally called “Barneys,” enjoyed flooring, a renewed altar area, stairs and a stunning curved wall by Honestone.